Tricks and Tips Pokemon Go

While playing Pokémon Go you can increase the number of Pokémon who appear near you by either using Incense or a Lure Module, which attracts Pokémon to a Pokéstop.

Incense only works for the person who activates it, and no one else can see it, but Lures work for everyone. While playing Pokémon Go you might see other player's lures, and these can be seen on the map, represented as confetti.

To use another player's Lure, just hang around near it, and you'll soon find extra Pokémon without having to use one of your own!

While playing Pokémon Go you'll see Pokémon icons (or their silhouettes if you've not encountered that type before) in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen.

This shows you nearby Pokémon. Tap on this area to bring up the larger Nearby menu, listing all the Pokémon near you. You can see how close a Pokémon is to your current location by the number of paw prints underneath them. The more paw prints they have under them, the further away the Pokémon Go is.

For quick reference, the Pokémon shown in the top left of the Nearby window is the Pokémon closest to you.