Tricks and Tips Pokemon Go

You can make catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go easier by tracking the ones you want to catch.

You can track Pokémon by tapping on it to select it in the Nearby menu. A blue circle will surround it, and then when you go back to the main map the Pokémon you've selected will appear in the bottom-right hand corner, along with the paw prints. You can use this to close in on the Pokémon, as the number of paw prints will reduce the closer you get.

As well as capturing other team's gyms you can also battle your own gyms to level them up. You'll be limited to using just one Pokémon, but for each of the monsters you defeat at the gym you'll build up the gym's XP.

Once the gym has enough XP it will level up, which unlocks more slots for Pokémon to defend it. Either you can then leave one of your Pokémon there or else another member of your team can do so.

Once your gym is impenetrable you can sit back and reap the coins that will come your way as a defender's bonus.