Tricks and Tips Pokemon Go

Short of filling up your Pokédex, evolving Pokémon is one of the activities that will get you the highest level of XP.

You can take advantage of this fact by saving your evolutions for when you have a lucky egg activated. The item, which you can find at Pokéstops, doubles the XP you get for half an hour.

So rather than transferring all the low-level Pidgies you're no doubt accumulating, try evolving several of them right after activating a lucky egg. If done right you should get 1000 XP with each evolution and be levelling up in no time at all.

We probably don't need to tell you to play more Pokémon Go if you're as addicted to this game as we are, but we've found that playing Pokémon Go on public transport such as trains and buses, is a great way to catch Pokémon you usually wouldn't find in your local area.

You don't get steps when siting on a train, but you will cover a lot more distance, and pass a lot more Pokéstops during your travel. It's safe to play when someone else is driving, and it makes that morning commute into work or school go by much faster!