If you encounter a rare (or just hard-to-catch) Pokémon while playing Pokémon Go, you don't want it to escape.

One of the best tips for making your life easier when trying to catch these Pokémon is by using razz berries in conjunction with strong PokéBalls.

Razz berries are items that you can feed to Pokémon to slow them down, making them easier to capture. Once the Pokémon has eaten the razz berry, throw a Great Ball, or an Ultra Ball, to capture the Pokémon. It will greatly improve your chances.

To use a razz berry, tap on your Backpack, then select a razz berry from the list of items. This will send it to the wild Pokémon you've encountered.

Pokémon Go being a free-to-play game means there are plenty of microtransactions in place to help you fill up on items with real world cash. And whether your increase your balance with actual dollar or the defence of gyms (more on that in the steps ahead), it's how you spend that moolah that makes all the difference.

Your first thought might be to stock up on that iconic commodity - the good ol' Pokéball - but the game actually provides you with plenty of free ones. If you visit every PokéStop on your journey, they should drop them pretty regularly. Now spend those coins on far rarer items such as incense to lures.