Tricks and Tips Pokemon Go

PokéStops are Pokémon Go's way of turning special landmarks in your town or city into interactive events. Visiting these special points of interest will drop random loot, including Eggs for hatching new Pokémon (see our next step for Egg hatching tips), Pokéballs for catching new ones and Potions or Revives for healing your Pokémon while in Combat mode.

Be sure to visit these PokéStops everyday if in the same area, or open the app in new areas to reap the rewards of travel. To use one, walk up close to it, tap the blue icon then swipe it to make it spin. All your randomised loot will then appear.

Here's a handy Pokémon Go tip: much like any other Pokémon game, hatching Eggs for new Pokémon is still a thing - only this time you need to monitor said Egg like a Tamagotchi to expedite the process.

Hatching rates are based on how many miles or kilometres you've walked with the app open - and until the special Pokémon Go wearable is released over here this is the only way to rack up that mileage. You'll need to make sure you put the egg in an incubator so that it registers your miles as you walk.

To check the progress of your Poké ovum, tap the Pokéball, then select the Eggs menu from the list. The Pokémon that's born out of each egg is also randomised, so don't get too disappointed if you get any doubles.