Tricks and Tips Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go gives you plenty of unique ways to capture Pokémon, and this way will help you level up much faster.

When you're about to catch a Pokémon, hold down on your Poke Ball and spin it in a circular motion with your finger. This will create a curve ball, and if you hit and capture a Pokémon with this move you'll gain some extra XP.

Pokémon Go pulls map data from Google, and if you download your home and work areas on your phone via the Google Maps app it will improve the performance of Pokémon Go. You phone won't have to keep constantly redrawing your surroundings.

Open up the Google Maps app, select the Settings menu (shown by an icon with three horizontal lines) and tap on 'Offline areas'.

Press the '+' icon then use the map to drawn a square of the area you want to download, then tap on 'Download'.

This will mean you won't burn through your mobile data allowance quite so quickly, and it can help save your smartphone battery as well while you play Pokémon Go.